Women's Ministries

The ideal basic unit of society is the home and family, where women play a vital and definitive role. Furthermore, as natural providers of hope, women play an important part in shaping society. Therefore any fellowship of women in which Christian influence is exerted and practical help given benefits not only the individual and the family, but also the nation. Women’s Ministries provide a program of meetings and other activities based on the fourfold aim of the Army’s international women’s organisation.

The mission of Women’s Ministries is to:

  • Bring women into a knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • Encourage their full potential in influencing family, friends and community
  • Equip them for growth in personal understanding and life skills
  • Address issues which affect women and their families in the world.

These are the current Ministries we offer at Fort Collins:

Girlfriend’s Unlimited

Girlfriends Unlimited
Are you in need of a few hours away…from work, from the kids, from your responsibilities? Would you like to make some more friends and deepen your friendships? Come and join us here at The Salvation Army for Girlfriends Unlimited. A time when you can meet people, get to know one another, share in one another’s lives, build lasting friendships and have fun together. As a mom, wife and pastor here at The Salvation Army I find I need time to build friendships and schedule time for myself. Perhaps you are like me and this would be a good opportunity for you to nourish yourself emotionally and spiritually. We all need our Girlfriends and time to relax….so come join us!

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Home LeagueHome League

Tuesdays 11:30 — Home League Bible Study
Tuesdays @ 12:30pm — Home League Worship & Fun

The Home League is an important section of a Corps which exists to provide for women a program of meetings and other activities designed to achieve its fourfold aim:

  • Worship that they might learn to know more of God and of His will concerning them;
  • Education that they might become better homemakers by increasing their skills and developing their powers of thought;
  • Fellowship that they might share in happy comradeship;
  • Service that they might learn to know the joy of giving and doing for others, both in their own neighborhood and farther afield.

The function of the Home League is expressed in its motto and symbolized by its badge.
The motto is: “She looketh well to the ways of her household” (Proverbs 31:27) — though membership is in no way restricted to mothers, nor even to married women.
The badge depicts a house on an open Bible.

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