Summer Camps

Camp! So much to discover!

Long hot summer days, a dip in the pool, star-filled nights, camp fires, roasted marshmallows, pillow fights, cabin devotions, emblem work, seeing old friends, making new ones. Expanding horizons and creating memories.

That’s what camp is about. For more than 100 years, The Salvation Army has recognized the value of camping. It has witnessed the difference it can make in people’s lives. For an underprivileged child who’s only known city concrete, the blare of car horns and whirl of mass transit, it opens a whole new world. There are camps where kids learn the basics of playing a musical instrument and camps where advanced musicians refine their craft. Teen camps feature organized activities, interesting programs and classes addressing life issues to help them navigate through challenging years. Children who participate in The Salvation Army’s character-building ministries in their own hometowns come to camp to learn new skills and increase their knowledge while having fun earning badges.

Rocky Moutain Youth Camps
Salvation Army Open Air Camps (Rocky Moutain Youth Camps) have been described as a small mirror image of what happens in each Salvation Army Community Center throughout the year. In the case of social services, however, the camping experience offers recreational and educational activities to those who might not attend The Salvation Army on a regular basis. Specific programs vary from camp to camp, but the overriding aim of the camps is to provide a positive experience for underprivileged families, children, and individuals.

Character Building Camps
These camps are designed as a support to the ministry and program of the local corps (churches). Each represents a focused program meant to develop and expand skills in a Christian outdoor environment. In support of these instructional camps, nature and the great outdoors will be used as much as possible to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach environmental awareness, encourage positive social behavior and safely provide an opportunity to every camper for fun and adventure. Where possible, activities and programs will correspond to specific emblems and awards for our Character Building programs.

Music Camp
The Salvation Army’s music ministry teaches children of all ages how to read music and play brass instruments, while emphasizing the importance of God’s love and learning to use musical talent as part of Christian life. Whether it’s playing in a Salvation Army band on Sunday morning, or volunteering to play your trombone outside a Salvation Army kettle at Christmas time, The Salvation Army music ministries combine musical and spiritual excellence. This eight-day camp provides everything from basic music instruction for beginners to advanced skill building for more experienced singers and players. In addition, students learn theory, vocal, instrumental, drama and related skills. As with local music groups, Music Camp also provides an extended opportunity for spiritual and social growth.

2012 Camp dates:  Teen Sports Camp June 27-July 2

Music and Worship Arts Camp July 6-14

Rocky mountain youth camp July 18-23

SAY Camp July 25-30

Rocky mountain youth camp August 8-13

Wilderness Camps (ages 13+) July and early August dates

Spots are on a first come first serve basis and are limited. Deposit of $35 required with application.  Contact The Salvation Army for more information and to sign up.    

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